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The Beginning 

Before To-Ce-Chi opened for business Oscar and Diana Villarreal did not ever dream of owning their own restaurant. At a very young age, they got married and ended moving to Corpus Christi in 1992. While Oscar worked two jobs to support his family Diana was a stay-at-home mom. However, Diana was not satisfied and one day she got the idea to open up a restaurant. At that time they did not have the finances to go big So one day Oscar and Diana decided to made their own trailer and started to sell tacos. Later Oscar and Diana Villarreal took a chance on their dream and opened To-Ce-Chi Antojiots Mexicans Restaurant in 1997 in Corpus Christi, Texas. Twenty-Five years later, To-Ce-Chi remains a true family business with the couple managing day-to-day operations.

 The family continues to serve original and authentic Mexican food in Coastal Bend. To-Ce-Chi specialized in Mexican cravings such as sopes, quesadilla, and Mexican tacos. 


Our Team 

owners - Oscar and Diana Villarreal 

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